Harlequin 5400ITE Bunded Oil Tank


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  • The Harlequin i-Tank range are the safest and best quality oil tanks on the market. 
    All iTanks are bunded. This means that each tank consists of a 'tank within a tank' design. Single skin tanks (i.e. tanks which are constructed of just one wall) are more environmentally hazardous and could lead to a costly clean-up process in the event of a tank leak. Harlequin incorporates a bunded design into all its tanks - protecting your oil and your finances.

    Harlequin offers two varieties of iTank: - HQi (Standard Bunded) and ITE / ITT (Code ITE for bottom outlet and code ITT for top outlet). HQi Tanks come complete with standard tank fittings, whereas ITE tanks come complete with a range of fittings and accessories, the most important one being an electronic oil monitor for fuel management and security.

    Each oil tank within the ITE range comes complete with an electronic oil monitor as standard. In addition, these oil tanks are also supplied with: outlet fitting kit, 2" fill point, 4" lockable inspection point, lockable manhole lid access, 1" BSP (F) outlet connection, vent and a high visibility, anti-theft sticker, displaying the message 'THIS TANK IS ALARMED!'

    ALL Harlequin ITE heating oil tanks are bunded as standard.

  • The 5400ITE is supplied with the following features:

    • Electronic oil monitor
    • 32mm Gauge fitting point
    • Bottom outlet fitting kit 
    • 2" lockable fill point
    • 4" lockable inspection point
    • Lockable manhole access
    • Low level warning alarm
    • Bund spillage detector
    • Lockable manhole access
    • 1" BSP (F) outlet connection
    • Vent
    • LRC failsafe overfill prevention probe
    • Anti-theft tank sticker, displaying the message 'THIS TANK IS ALARMED!'


    Product Dimensions 


    • Length: 2,215mm
    • Diameter: 2,575mm
    • Weight: 325KG
    • Nominal Capacity: 5042 litres

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