Harlequin 1000HQi Bunded Oil Tank


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All iTanks are bunded. This means that each tank consists of a 'tank within a tank' design.Ā 

Harlequin HQi bunded oil tanks are a no-nonsense option and have been designed for customers who do not require the additional tank technology that comes with the iTank range. If you are looking for a tank with an Ultrasonic contents gauge and fitting kit check out theĀ HAR1000ITE

Standard Features:

  • Moulded from durable medium density polyethylene material
  • Integrally bunded
  • Bottom outlet with 1" BSP(F) thread
  • 16" lockable access lid
  • 2" BSP(M) fill point
  • 4" lockable inspection cap
  • Contents dipstick
  • 32mm hole with cover suitable for fitting an electronic gauge
  • Inner tank vent
  • Moulded-in handles for ease of fitting

ALL Harlequin HQi/ITE/ITT heating oil tanks are bunded as standard and come with a 10 YEAR GUARANTEE on the Tank.

Product DimensionsĀ 

  • Length: 2,150mm
  • Width: 690mm
  • Height: 1,420mm
  • Weight: 132KG
  • Nominal Capacity: 1003 litres
  • Brimful Capacity: 1055 litres
  • Cement Base Length: 2,750mm
    Cement Base Width: 1,310mm

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