Harlequin 1000HQi Bunded Oil Tank


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  • All iTanks are bunded. This means that each tank consists of a 'tank within a tank' design. 

    Harlequin offers two varieties of i-Tank: - HQi (Standard Bunded) and ITE / ITT (Code ITE for bottom outlet and code ITT for top outlet). HQi Tanks come complete with 1" bsp outlet and Bottom outlet Kit, whereas ITE tanks come complete with the bottom outlet kit and an Apollo electronic oil monitor for fuel management and security.

    Each oil tank within the HQi range comes complete with : outlet fitting kit (valve filter & 10mm adaptor), 2" fill point, 4" lockable inspection point, lockable manhole lid access, 1" BSP (F) outlet connection.

    ALL Harlequin HQi/ITE/ITT heating oil tanks are bunded as standard and come with a 10 YEAR GUARANTEE on the Tank and 1 Year on the Apollo Level Gauge.

  • The 1000HQi is supplied with the following features:
    • 32mm Gauge fitting point
    • Contents dipstick
      Bottom outlet fitting kit (valve, filter & 10mm pipe adaptor)
      2" fill point
      4" lockable inspection point
      Lockable manhole access
      1" BSP (F) outlet connection


    Product Dimensions 

    • Length: 2,150mm
    • Width: 710mm
    • Height: 1,420mm
    • Weight: 130KG
    • Nominal Capacity: 1003 litres
    • Cement Base Length: 2,750mm
      Cement Base Width: 1,310mm

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