DAB PULSAR 5" Submersible Pumps


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  • Description
    PULSAR pumps, which are very silent running, can be
    installed inside boreholes and sumps and eliminates all
    potential problems of suction and unpriming.
    Multi-stage close-coupled borehole pump with hydraulic
    section below motor, which is cooled by the pumped
    liquid. Impellers, diffusers, strainer and oil sump in
    abrasion-proof thermoplastic. Outer liner, stator sleeve,
    upper head with delivery connection and closing ring in
    AISI 304 stainless steel. Rotor shaft extension in AISI 304.
    Elastomers in NBR. Stainless steel screws.
    Double mechanical seal with interposed oil chamber,
    made of ceramic/carbon on motor side and silicon
    carbide/silicon carbide on pump side.
    Submersible with continuous duty asynchronous motor.
    Rotor running on ball bearings, oversized to ensure low
    noise and durability Built-in thermal and current overload
    protection and a capacitor permanently on in the singlephase
    version. To protect the three-phase motor use
    remote overload cut-outs in compliance with statutory
  • Constructed in compliance with CEI 2-3 and CEI 61-69
    (EN 60335-2-41) standards.

    Operating range: from 0.9 to 7.2 m3/h with head up
    to 86 metres.
    Maximum permissible sand quantity: 50 g/m3.
    Motor protection level: IP 68.
    Insulation class: F.
    Liquid temperature range: From 0° C to +40° C.
    Standard cables: 20 m HO7 RN F cable type.
    Cable complete with SCHUKO plug EEC 7-VII-UNEL
    47166-68 for the single-phase version.
    Single-phase versions can be equipped with or without
    float switches for automatic operation.

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