pH Water Treatment Media


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    • Neutralising filter Media for acidic water

      Naturally occurring acidic ground waters can cause corrosion of pipework, heating cylinders and equipment. The copper is dissolved out of the plumbing and is deposited as blue stains on fittings and fixtures. As heat speeds up chemical reactions, you may see more staining on the hot tap. Any iron and manganese present will result in poor tasting water, in addition to staining baths, basins and any appliances a red or brown colour

    • The Filpumps System

      The simplest and safest way to raise the pH is to run the water through a vessel containing a bed of specially prepared limestone. This contains calcium and magnesium minerals, which are the salts found in waters of pH greater than 7.0. The limestone gradually dissolves increasing the pH level of the water.

      Once this has taken place, the water is less able to dissolve the metal from copper or lead pipes and fittings. As the limestone is used up, it will need refilling periodically. Refilling is straightforward as the media is inert and easy to handle.

      The limestone media used in the acid water treatment filter will also remove any particles of sand or silt occurring in the water. To avoid the unnecessary build up of these contaminants in the limestone media, we would strongly recommend the use of a cartridge pre-filter.

      For further details on suitable pre-filters and pH backwash dimensions please do not hesitate to contact us.

    • Benefits
      • No More... Blue Stains on Baths or Sinks
      • No More... Green Hair
      • No More... Tooth Damage from Hot Drinks
      • No More... Metallic Taste
      • No More... Copper in Water
      • Extended... Hot Water Cylinder Life

Natural Treatment

A pH value below 7 is considered to be acidic, and corrosion accelerates at pH levels below 6.5, with levels below 6.0 considered to be extremely aggressive

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