Iron and Manganese Removal Filter


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    General Description

    Please contact us for a price. CR media is a silica crystal that works by an ion exchange process which removes iron, manganese and hardness (and reduces ammonia). The minimum pH requirement is 6.0 and CR media balances the pH in these acidic waters. CR media works at itƒ??s best on clear water, i.e. when the iron/manganese are in a dissolved form. CR media will also reduce hardness with no extra treatment. The regeneration process is exactly the same as that used in a water softener and requires regeneration with salt (sodium chloride).

    CR media has a number of advantages over conventional systems in that pH correction, iron/manganese removal, ammonia reduction and softening can all be addressed in a single process. It can reduce dissolved iron and manganese even at pH 6 (most other medias can not).

    Water flows into the valve at the top, down through the media and then up through the riser tube in the middle of the vessel. As the water travels through the media the iron and manganese are removed leaving visibly clear water. There are timer options that can be set to automatically self clean (backwash) and wash away any of the accumulated iron and manganese. Cleaning can be set for a given time or after a certain amount of water has been used. With CR media salt is also added to regenerate it ready for service. Iron and manganese filters can also be used in conjunction with other filters such as sand filters if the water has high turbidity or pH correction filters if the pH of the water very low.

  • Part Ref Service flow (m3/hr) Backwash Flow (m3/hr) Connection size Price
    1054/CR100/IM 1.5 1 1" POA
    1252/CR100/IM 1.8 1.4 1" POA
    1354/CR100/IM 2 1.7 1" POA
    1465/CR100/IM 2.5 1.9 1" POA
    1665/CR100/IM 3 2.5 1" POA
    1865/CR100/IM 4 3.2 1" POA

    Important Notes Regarding Selection

    • A minimum pressure of 2bar at the filter is required for operation
    • A drain is required for the filter to gravitate the waste water into during backwash. Not suitable for septic tanks as the waste water contains salt.
    • Not suitable for pump systems operated via float switches
    • If you are in any doubt about your selection - please contact a member of our sales team

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