Harlequin 1400 litre Fuel Point


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  • Harlequin bunded diesel tanks are the first choice in on-site refuelling.

    Available in 'Fuel Point' or 'Fuel Station' options, these diesel tanks can offer everything from fuel security through to intricate fuel management systems.

    Harlequin 'Fuel Points' are ideal for smaller, commercial and agricultural installations, where the added value technologies featured in 'Fuel Station' models are not a requirement.

    Harlequin Fuel Points offer a simple and easy to use solution to diesel storage and dispensing, yet feature the same high quality mouldings and materials as higher spec Fuel Station tanks.

    For customers who wish to add to the standard Fuel Point features, fuel dispensing accessories can be requested as extra cost options, when ordering.

  • The 1400FP features the following as standard:
    • 4m Delivery hose
    • 240V AC pump
    • Nozzle with automatic shut-off
    • Overfill Protection
    • Lockable equipment access
    • Vent
    • Dipstick

    Added Cost Extras:
    • Mechanical flow meter
    • 10 Micron particulate filter




    Diameter:Ā 1,580mm
    Height:Ā 1,930mm
    Capacity:Ā 1,413 litres


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