Harlequin 430 Litre Bunded Transfuel 12v


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  • The 430 litre Transfuel BUNDED portable diesel tank enables you to safely and legally transport and dispense your fuel on-site.

    Transfuel tanks are the first plastic-on-plastic, bunded portable diesel tanks anywhere in the world and each one fully complies with both UNADR and Control of Pollution (Oil Storage) Regulations (2001) (England and Wales) (N.Ireland 2010)

    (Water Environment (Oil Storage) (Scotland) Regulations 2006)

    Unlike single skin portable fuel tanks, with Transfuel, you can dispense your fuel from a static location without the need for additional bunding or spill trays!

    No specialist driver qualifications required and no vehicle modifications needed in order to use Transfuel. (In line with ADR regulations, drivers must, however, carry a 2kg fire extinguisher)

    These time and money saving portable tanks allow you to transport 430 litres of diesel simply by loading the tank into or onto your vehicle - saving you valuable time and money in not having to bring your vehicle to the pumps!

    Transfuel tanks also enable you to safely dispense your fuel with virtually no effort, via a factory fitted Piusi By-Pass 3000 Pump, 4m hose and a dispensing nozzle.



  • Spec 


    Piusi Pump Specifications:

    • Cast iron pump body finished with anti-corrosion paint
    • Flow rate up to 50lpm
    • Vane pump with sintered steel rotor and acetal resin vanes
    • By-pass valve incorporated in the pump body
    • Available with 12 or 24 volt direct current motor
    • Motor protection grade IP55
    • Used in intermittent service with 30 minute work cycle
    • Pump attachment support bracket

    Length: 1010mm
    Width: 1260mm
    Height: 1090mm
    Weight: 110Kg
    Capacity: 426 litres

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