Fine Sand Filter


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  • General Description

    Price on application.
    Sediment filters are needed when the water supply is cloudy or turbid. The particles in the water will block plumbing systems, leave unsightly staining, may contain toxic chemicals or bacteria. The easiest way to remove the particles is by passing the water through a media where the particles get stuck and allow clear water to flow through. The particles can be periodically Ć’??backwashedĆ’?? away to drain. Our fine sand filter has a more irregular surface than sand giving more efficient removal of suspended matter. This means the equipment can be smaller and higher flow rates can be achieved for a given size. Particles down to 5 to 10 micron are typically removed. The media must be soaked before use.

  • Part Ref Service flow (m3/hr) Backwash flow (m3/hr) Connection size Footprint Price
    Width (mm) Depth (mm) Height (mm)
    1054/WS1/FS 1.5 1.9 1" 269 390 1597 POA
    1252/WS1/FS 2.2 2.7 1" 315 390 1597 POA
    1354/SW1/FS 2.5 3.1 1" 341 390 1584 POA
    1465/WS1/FS 3 3.6 1" 369 390 1870 POA
    1665/WS1/FS 3.7 4.8 1" 406 406 1875 POA
    1865/WS1/FS 4.8 6 1" 510 510 1997 POA

    Important Notes Regarding Selection

      When selecting a suitable fine sand filter, care should be taken to ensure you have enough water available to backwash (clean) the filter correctly. For example if you have a flow rate of 1.5m3/hr, you may select model 1054/WS1/FS, however this unit will require a flow rate of 1.9m3/hr to backwash for a period of approx 15mins. You would therefore require 500ltr of water for the backwash process at a flow rate of 1.9m3/hr to clean the filter efficiently.
    • A minimum pressure of 2bar at the filter is required for operation
    • A drain is required for the filter to gravitate the waste water into during backwash
    • Not suitable for pump systems operated via float switches
    • If you are in any doubt about your selection - please contact a member of our sales team

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