Replacement Germicidal Lamps for Filpumps Emerald / Daro Saphir Range


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Like most light bulbs, UV lamps fade over time. After 12 months, even if the lamp is still shining the lamp needs to be replaced as it is no longer able to effectively treat water. Most UV Lamps run continuously for about 9,000 hours (or 12 months) before losing their effectiveness.

Changing the UV lamp or bulb on time is very important, otherwise microorganisms may not be effectively treated and enter the water system.

As an additional precaution, the controller on the Atlas UV system will give some indication that it’s time to change out the lamp. 

It is also good practice to inspect the Quartz sleeve at a lamp change.

It may have got soiled over time and any build up on the quartz will block the UV rays emitting from the lamp. 


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