Colour Reduction Filter


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  • Price on application.

    General Description

    Please contact us for a price. Colour in water (after it has been mechanically filtered) is typically caused by organic compounds. If the colour is due to iron or manganese there are specific treatments (see the iron and manganese section). If the colour is due to organics then treatment is normally by ion exchange or activated carbon. Organic colour comes from decaying vegetation and may be completely soluble or particulate. Tannins (Humic and Fumic acids) are by far the most common class of compounds and give the water a yellow/brown tint. In highland areas where water runs off peat the water can be heavily coloured. When the water passes through anion resin beads the organic molecules are bound to the resin. When the resin has become saturated and can hold no more colour forming compounds they need to be removed. Resin selection is critical as many require caustic soda to remove the organics. However there are resins available which can be regenerated with brine on its own or in combination with caustic. Brine has the advantage of being readily available and safe. Typically every 25 litres of resin will take out 2000 ppm of organic colour before it needs regenerating.

  • Part Ref Service flow (m3/hr) Resin Vol. (ltr) Connection size Price
    1054/WS1/COL 0.7 50 1" POA
    1252/WS1/COL 0.7 50 1" POA
    1354/WS1/COL 1.1 75 1" POA
    1465/WS1/COL 1.5 100 1" POA
    1665/WS1/COL 1.8 3 1" POA
    1865/WS1/COL 3.4 250 1.5" POA

    Important Notes Regarding Selection

    • A minimum pressure of 2bar at the filter is required for operation
    • A drain is required for the filter to gravitate the waste water into during backwash. Not suitable for septic tanks as the waste water contains salt.
    • Not suitable for pump systems operated via float switches
    • If you are in any doubt about your selection - please contact a member of our sales team

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