Battery / Solar Powered Pump Kit 60 watt, with or without Battery


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Battery/Solar powered pump for alternative livestock watering and prevention of poaching of watercourses.

The battery/solar powered pump kits easily integrate with all standard water troughs.

The water pump kits are simple 12 volt pumping systems based upon proven water-pumping technology which allows the transference of large volumes of water. The trough is fitted with a float-switch which turns on the submersible pump as the water level drops.
There is no need for balancing tanks or header tanks, just a standard water trough. The pump is connected to 30mtrs of hose which feeds back from the water source to the trough.
The kit is powered by a 12v battery which sits in a weatherproof control box. A 60 watt solar panel and mounting stand, float-switch are included.


Kit includes- Submersible Pump with 30mtr Cable, 30mtr Hose & connections, Battery Box/Controller, Float-switch, 60Watt Solar Panel & Stand - all you need is a Trough & a minimum 75 amp Leisure Battery.


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