Replacement Quartz & O-Ring for Atlas 'L' UV Range


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    • Replacement Quartz Sleeves for the Atlas 'L' range of U.V. sterilizers.

    • Model UV Lamp Quartz sleeve
      & O-ring
      Controller UV Sensor
      L12 RL-12 RQ-12 ACL Not available
      on this
      L22 RL-22 RQ-22 ACL AUVS-L
      L41 RL-41 RQ-41 ACL AUVS-L
      L57 RL-57 RQ-57 ACL AUVS-L
      L79 RL-79 RQ-79 ACL AUVS-L79
      H38 RL-H38 RQ-H38 ACH AUVS-H
      H53 RL-H53 RQ-H53 ACH AUVS-H
      H95 RL-H95 RQ-H95 ACH AUVS-H
      H151 RL-H151 RQ-H151 ACH AUVS-H
      Other Options
      L12 ACL-

      12 V Version
      L22 ACL-

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