10" (9.3/4") Depth Standard Filter Cartridge 2.5" diameter (Melt-blown)


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  • General Description

    Our most popular filter element for removal of particles in Private Water Supplies or in general industry use.

    A Depth filter cartridge is cartridge filter which is good for the removal of particles and retain the dirt through the whole depth of the filter material. Melt-blown filters are a more economic version of the traditional Wound String depth filter cartridge. 5 micron is recommended for pre U.V. Sterilisation on Private Water Supplies.

  • The filter cartridges are made of polypropylene. Thanks to unique technology of production the cartridges ensure filtration efficiency level of 80 % for particle sizes encoded in the identification markings. FRE cartridges consist of a single layer of filtering fibres, made as a coreless cartridge. The porosity of the layer varies in such a way as to minimise pressure drop and maximise cartridge absorption.

    Perfect for applications where effective protection against such contaminants is required. They protect household appliances, heating systems and fittings, prolonging their service life. The filter is made entirely of pure high-quality polypropylene, FDA-approved, without core. It retains all the advantages of the original material including: high chemical, mechanical and thermal resistance. The internal filter structure is obtained without the addition of any plasticizing agents, adhesives or other binder components. Due to “melt-blown” production technology, these cartridges offer excellent efficacy, and in addition small flow resistance, very high absorption capacity and stiffness of the whole structure. They operate correctly even at high differential pressures. The FRE cartridges use their entire volume for filtration and therefore they have a very long service life, while offering high performance and constant efficiency. Due to filtration effectiveness, FRE cartridges belong to the group of the so-called economic filters. This means that the filtration efficiency for example for a particle size of 1 micron is over 80%, that is only 1 in 5 particles of a given size can pass through the filter. FRE cartridges are mainly used in water treatment for household needs. They are used with Standard and Hydro series filter housings, type FP2 and FP3.

  • Available in also in large diameter 4.5" x 10"  and 20" lengths for reduced cartridge changeout frequency

    • General incoming water filtration, Private water supplies, Pre RO water treatment Nozzle and pump protection Food Beverage Chemical manufacture

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