10" Twin (Duplex) Filter Housing


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  • General Description

    Our range of durable high quality simplex polypropylene filter housings can be installed with your choice of filter cartridge that best suits your application.

    Most water treatment applications on private water supplies benefit from a two-stage filtration process which vastly improves water quality and extends the life expectancy of filter cartridges.

    The clear filter bowl design allows the user to observe the condition of the filter cartridge and replace or clean as necessary.

    The head of the filter has brass female threaded BSP inserts which provide strength and durability where it's required to prevent the internal thread from being damaged during the assembly of connection fittings.

    Each filter housing is supplied with a wall mount bracket for ease of installation and a wrench which provides easy filter disassembly without damage to the polyproylene components.


    Filtration and treatment of water for private and public water supplies, also industrial applications where suspended solids need to be removed.

    Technical usage: pre-filtration, micro filtration, protection of pumps, heating systems, water treatment systems and chlorine reduction in public water supplies and UV sterilisers.

    Filter Cartridges

    Our standard recommendation for filter cartridge selection for most private water supplies is a 30 or 50 micron pleated high surface area first treatment stage cartridge, followed by a high efficiency 5 micron polypropylene depth filter cartridge as the final treatment stage which will provide you with an excellent treated water quality in terms of suspended solids present.

    Kit comes complete with housing, Bracket, Spanner and Screws

    Available in 10" length.


  • Working Conditions

    • Max working pressure - 8 bar
    • Max working temperature - 45C
    • Min working temperature - 4C


    • Construction materials are suitable for drinking water.
    • Head and ring nut reinforced polypropylene
    • Transparent bowl: SAN
    • O-ring: EPDM
    • Breather valve: body polypropylene, O-ring EPDM
    • IN/OUT threads: Brass inserts, 3/4" female BSP 10”
  • Duplex Filter Housing

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