Spectrum Premier Bag Filters Polypropylene Felt


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  • General Description

    Felt bags have a durable welded seam and neck, eliminating fibrous edges and loose fibres migrating downstream Nylon bags are heavy duty double stitched on the seams and neck for security Flanged neck rings have polypropylene handles to aid bag removal With no metal components, premier bags can be recycled or disposed of by incineration

    • Monofilament Mesh - Nylon Applications De-greasing Coolant filtration Coarse filtration Paints and inks Trap filter Coatings and varnishes Felt - Polypropylene or Polyester Applications Pre-filtration in water treatment Paints Syrup Recycled water filtration Trap filter Bulk chemical transfer
  • Premier Bag Filter Datasheet
    Premier Bag Filter Technical Datasheet"
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