Plasson Repair Clamp Ductile Iron (200mm - 4 Bolt)

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  • Plasson’s range of Repair Clamps are designed to repair water mains pipes where corrosion or mechanical damage has caused leakage. The clamps materials are selected to give maximum service life and the clam is designed for ease of use. All materials meet the requirements of WRAS and DWI Reg 31 for use on potable water systems. Stainless Steel Repair Clamps: • PN16 Pressure rating. • Stainless steel construction with Ductile clamping jaws. • Wrap around design. • Can be used on live mains. • Excellent tolerance range. • Wide size range available. • Light and Easy to handle. • Cost effective. • Waffle type seal. • Captive bolts with nuts that do not require removal to use the clamp. • Design reduces the size of excavation required. Ductile Repair Clamps: • PN16 Pressure rating. • Made from Ductile Iron with Epoxy Coating and stainless bridging plates. • Two part body separates so it can be used without cutting the pipe. • Excellent tolerance range. • Extremely strong and durable. • Cost effective. • Captive bolts with heads retained in recesses. • Only one tool required for tightening. • Waffle type seal ensuring optimum seal. • Innovative design reduces the size of the excavation required.

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