Epurbloc Low Profile Septic Tank 1 PE to 6 PE, 4-Bed


  excl. VAT
  • The shallowest plastic septic tank on the market



    • Low profile design, only 1440mm high requiring a smaller excavation
    • Granular backfill required only for dry sites
    • Durable polyethylene structure
    • Integral Pre-filter to prolong lifespan of drainage field.
    • CE approved and tested to EN 12566-1
    • For use up to and including a 4 bedroomed house - 6 person equivalent
    • Extra Risers available in 200mm sections @ £38.00 per pair excl. VAT
    • Prices include delivery


    The wastewater purification process

    The septic tank is another product within our range of storage treatment solutions. The Super Lo Pro LP6 septic tank is an ideal solution for wastewater treatment where sufficient land is available for an adequate drainage field.

    The tank is divided into two chambers, sized sufficiently to hold wastewater for an adequate amount of time for the solids to drop to the bottom to form a sludge and the lighter material to rise to the top of the liquid to form a scum. A certain amount of anaerobic breakdown occurs within the tank. The remaining liquid effluent is passed through the outlet pipe into the drainage system for final treatment. The liquid is dispersed evenly within a series of drainage pipes into the soil. The micro- organisms in the soil breakdown any organic matter left in the effluent. As most of the treatment is carried out in the percolation area, it is important that the land is adequate for sufficient treatment of wastewater to prevent harm to the environment.


    Zone 1 Zone 2 Zone 3 Zone 4 Zone 5 Zone 6 Zone 7 Zone 8
    England and Wales with the Exception of Zones 2 and 3


    PL,SE,SW, TA 21+,TQ,W,WC

    CA,DG,LD  LL(15-78) SA         SY(23-25)


    DD,EH,FK,G    KA(1-26,29-30)      KY,ML,PA(1-19)             PH(1-5,12-14) IV(1-20,25,28,30-32,36,63)              **PH(15-26)             KW(1-3,5-14)         PA(21-38,42-49,60)         PH(30-41,49-50)                  Orkney Mainland / Shetland Mainland Any other Postcode not listed POA

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