DAB KCE - KCVE Electronic Centrifugal Pumps

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  • Pumping of water or other liquids that are non aggressive,
    non explosive and free of solid or fibre particles.
    Specially suitable for pumping of glycol water mix for air
    conditioning systems.
    VERSATILE: thanks to the use of the MCE 22/C inverter,
    performance is such as to allow automatic adaptation
    to meet the various system requirements, while
    maintaining constant differential pressure; also, thanks
    to the top quality construction materials and generously
    sized motors, the series KCE and KCVE can be used with
    a glycol percentage of 40% in the pumped liquid.
    RELIABLE: all components have been sized to guarantee
    a lifetime of at least 50,000 operating hours (with
    the exception of the bearings and mechanical seals,
    guaranteed by the manufacturer for an average lifetime
    of 25,000 operating hours in heavy-duty operating
  • RUST-PROOF: all components in contact with the liquid
    are constructed in thermoplastic material (polypropylene
    or reinforced noryl) and the pump shaft in stainless steel
    (AISI 304).
    FLEXIBLE: possibility of rotating the pump body
    through steps of 90° to increase flexibility of installation.
    Hydraulic assembly (pump, body, seal support flange,
    impeller, diffuser) in fibre glass reinforced technopolymer,
    extension of shaft in contact with liquid in AISI 304
    stainless steel.
    Mechanical seal in silicon carbide/graphite, O-rings
    in EPDM. Asynchronous motor, continuous duty with
    external ventilation (S1), 2-pole.
    Watertight ball bearings, resistant to water and humidity.
    Motor construction according to EN 60335-2-41
    Operating range: from 3 to 45 m3
    Maximum head: 24 m.
    Liquid temperature range: from -10 to +55°C.
    Pumped liquid: clean, free of solid or abrasive substances,
    chemically neutral, close to the characteristics of water.
    Max. ambient temperature: +40°C.
    Maximum glycol percentage: up to 40%.
    Maximum operating pressure: 6.5 bar.
    Motor protection rating: IP 55.
    Insulation class: F (copper wire to insulation class H).
    Voltage as standard: single phase 1x220-240 V /
    50-60 Hz.
    Special version available on request: three-phase
    3x400 V / 50 Hz or three-phase 3x460 V / 60 Hz.

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