Harlequin 430 Litre Transfuel


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  • The Transfuel Truckpod is a single skin mobile diesel dispensing tank, which enables customers to re-fuel on site. The Truckpod does not feature the added benefits of integral bunding, as featured in the Transfuel Bunded tank.

    Customers who wish to transport diesel and dispense it from a mobile location, must do so in compliance with both the Control of Pollution (Oil Storage) Regulations AND the UN ADR Agreement Concerning the Transport of Dangerous Goods by Road.

    When dispensing diesel from a mobile location, additional bunding and spill kits must be used in order to prevent harmful fuel spills.

    Transfuel Bunded tanks comply with bunding requirements as per these regulations, whereas Transfuel Truckpod tanks will need to have additional bunding manually incorporated on-site.

    Both the Transfuel Truckpod and Transfuel Bunded tanks are made from the same, high quality materials and both meet and exceed all relevant diesel storage requirements.


  • Spec 


    Length: 880mm
    Height: 990mm
    Width: 1,010mm
    Weight: 75Kg
    Capacity: 426 litres


    • 12V 53lpm Fuel Pump
    • 4m Dispensing hose
    • Auto shut-off nozzle
    • Contents gauge
    • Vent
    • Isolation valve
    • 4m Battery cable
    • Crocodile clips


    • 24V 35lpm Fuel pump
    • Digital flow meter

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