Filpumps Emerald UV Sterilisers


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    • Description

      The Filpumps Emerald system is a compact,economical UV system that is designed with the consumer in mind.

      The Emerald system utilises commonplace single ended low pressure UV lamp technology, thus making the system not only economical for energy running costs,but also for replacement UV lamps. The single ended UV lamp also makes servicing the equipment very simple.Ç? Ç? Ç?


    • STANDARD EMERALD SYSTEM ƒ?½ Water Resistant power control module (IP55) ƒ?½ Long life / High Reliability UV Lamp ƒ?½ Maximum 10 Bar Working Pressure ƒ?½ Simple To Install ƒ?½ Lamp On IndicatorÇ? ƒ?½ Simple To Service ƒ?½ Electropolished Chamber ƒ?½ Commonplace UV Lamps

      OPTIONS Ç? ƒ?½ Lamp / Electrical Failure Indicator ƒ?½ UV Lamp Status IndicatorÇ?

      PERFORMANCE ƒ?½ All systems comply with international UV dose standards.Ç? ƒ?½ All units are designed to meet standards even at end of lamp life.

      ECONOMICAL ƒ?½ Very low running costs ƒ?½ Utilising commonplace UV Lamps. ƒ?½ Designed for ease of installation and maintenance.


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