DAB FEKALIFT Small Lifting Stations

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  • Description
    Small lifting stations for automatic collecting and pumping
    sewage. Its use is necessary whenever the waste water
    can not be expelled by gravity. The lifting station is mounted
    directly behind the WC and is therefore unaffected by the
    type of waste piping and unions.
    This lifting station can be used wherever an additional
    toilet is required during new building work, renovations
    and structural modifications. Depending on the model, a
    shower, bidet and washbasin can beconnected together
    with the WC.
    The inflow water from the sanitary ware connected to the
    system automatically turns on the Fekalift 100/200 when
    there is an increase in the water level of approximately 8
    cm and is automatically turned off when thelevel drops
    by approximately 3 cm. The solids and excrement that
    arrive from the toilet are chopped andforced into the
    general waste pipe through the pressure pipe. The Fekalift
    100/200 can be connected to any European standards
    WC with horizontal waste. At least 6 litres of water must
    be available each time flushing is performed. Water saving
    push button flushes are advised.
    The appealing design, technical innovation and
    manufacturing quality make FEKALIFT an indispensable
    item for the fitting of a supplementary toilet, above or
    below the backwater level (based on the DIN 1986
    The Fekalift 100 and Fekalift 200 systems are suitable
    for water temperatures up to 60°C and are resistant to
    slightly acidic substances. Avoid the discharge of water
    containing greasy or oily substances into the Fekalift 100
    and Fekalift 200.
    The motor, powerful yet noiseless, the pump and the
    grinding device are made of stainless steel.
    The integrated pump purifying system makes the station
    practically maintenance free.
    Easy to install, it is also designed for connection of a
    shower base with 12 cm drain height.
    The forced side duct with built-in no-return valve allows
    the cover to be removed without having to remove the
    delivery pipe.

  • Features
    Power input: 1x230 V~ 50 Hz.
    Insulation class: B.
    Speed of rotation: 3000 1/min.
    Operation: automatic.
    Approval: VDE - GS.
    Built to: DIN 19762.
    Capacity: 11 lt (Fekalift 100A).
    16 lt (Fekalift 200A).
    11 lt (Fekalift 300A).
    Protection level: IP44

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