DAB FEKAFOS 280 Automatic Pumping Station

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  • Description
    Automatic collection and lifting stations, used for
    collecting and pumping civil and industrial waste water
    in sewers. Comprises a high density 280 litre polythene
    tank with removable cover complete with a watertight
    and gastight seal.
    Fekafos series is suitable only for the use of one not
    automatic single/triphase pump from the following: DN
    50 (FEKA 600 M-NA/T, FEKA VS/VX 550-750-1000-
    1200 M-NA/T GRINDER 1000-1200-1600 T, GRINDER
    1400 M-1800 T, FEKA 1400 M-1800 T, FEKA 2015 -
    2030.2TNA) DN 65 (FEKA 2500.4T, FEKA 2515-FEKA
    2500-FEKA 2700.2T), to be ordered separately.
    Complete with: 2 bulb floats mounted on a stainless
    steel support, cable holder for connecting the float and
    pump cables to the electrical panel (to order separately
    according performance range table), DN50 and
    DN110 suction manifolds and 2” delivery manifolds,
    connector for DN50 vent tube, lifting device (DSD2) for
    making pump maintenance easier. An alarm float can be
    used on request.

  • Features
    Operating range: from 1 to 48 m3/h with a head of up
    to 23 m.
    Liquid temperature range: +55°C.
    Pumped liquid: ground water, rain water, clear waste
    water, black waste water and water from rivers and lakes.

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