DAB FEKAFOS 1200-2000-3800 Automatic Pumping Station

£2,676.80MRRP:  £3,824.00

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  • Description
    Automatic collection and lifting stations, for outside and
    underground installation used for collecting and pumping
    civil and industrial waste water in sewers.
    High density 1220, 2000 and 3800 litre polythene tank
    with double inspection cover and safety grid. Fekafos
    series is suitable only for the use of one not automatic
    single/triphase pump from the following:
    DN 50_FEKA VS 550-750-1000-1200 T/M-NA;
    GRINDER 1000-1200-1800 T e GRINDER 1400 M;
    FEKA 2015-2025-2030 2T DN 65_FEKA 2500 4T,
    FEKA 2500-2515-2700 2T.

  • Features
    Complete with: 2 DN50 or DN65 (DN 80 on request), 3
    bulb floats, DN 160 inlet connections. An alarm float can
    be used on request.
    Valves are not included: 2 bulb valves and 2 gate valves
    are available in a specific inspectin tank (see accessories).
    Operating range: from 1 to 48 m3/h with a head of up
    to 23 m.
    Liquid temperature range: +55°C.
    Pumped liquid: ground water, rain water, clear waste
    water, black waste water and water from rivers and lakes.

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