DAB EUROSWIM Swimming Pool Centrifugal Pumps

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  • Description
    High efficiency self-priming centrifugal pumps with built in
    large capacity prefilter. Extremely quiet runningand
    great reliability, developed for water circulation and
    filtration in domestic and residential swimming pools.
    Suitable also for special applications that call for
    handling of aggressive liquids, in fish farms, agriculture
    and industry. Pump body in fibreglass reinforced
    technopolymer. Strainer cover in clear antioxidant
    polycarbonate to guarantee constant visibility through
    time. Nylon strainer. Impeller in fibreglass-reinforced
    technopolymer developed to ensure total coverage and
    isolation of the motor shaft from the pumped liquid.
    Diffuser in reinforced technopolymer. Mechanical seal
    in carbon / alumina / NBR / AISI 316. Pump body O-rings
    in NBR, threaded fasteners and reinforcing rings in AISI
    304. Butterfly drain plugs that can be removed and
    refitted without tools.
    Asynchronous continuous duty 2-pole motor (S1)
    with generous range of power ratings from 0.5 HP
    to 3 HP, single phase and three-phase (see technical
    specifications). Motor casing in die cast aluminium with
    electrophoresic surface treatment to prevent oxidation
    even in aggressive environmental conditions. Baseplate
    supplied as standard with rubber mounts to reduce
    vibration transmission.
    Single phase version with integral thermal and
    overcurrent protection and permanent split capacitor
    (PSC), assembled inside the terminal box for all versions.

  • Features
    Motor and terminal box protection rating: IP55
    Insulation class: F
    Ball bearings:
    water-proof,sealed,resistant to water and humidity.
    Motor construction to EN 60335-2-41 standards
    Standard voltage: Single phase 220-240V 50Hz
    Three-phase 230/400V 50Hz
    Operating range: up to 42 m3/h with pressure head
    of up to 22 m
    Pumped fluid: clean water or water slightly
    contaminated with suspended particulate, long fibre;
    highly aggressive water with high percentage contents
    of chlorine/bromine and PHMB (Polyhexamethylene
    Biguanide) or water treated with chlorine electrolytic
    Liquid temperature range: up to 60°C
    Maximum ambient temperature: +50°C
    Maximum operating pressure: 2,5 bar
    Installation: fixed or portable in horizontal position
    Special executions on request: alternative
    voltages and/or frequencies
    Fittings on request: 2”/50 - 63 kit (two fittings +
    O-ring - see “Accessories”)
    Reference standard: IEC – 60364.

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