DAB Eurocover Submersible Swimming Pool Pump

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  • Description
    Totally automatic electric submersible pump, with wide support base specially designed
    to increase stability and enable the option of operation in positions not totally perpendicular
    to the ground. Integrated fl oat for automatic operation, effi cient and maintenance-free
    operation pump.

  • Features
    Electric pump totally constructed in thermoplastic water resistant material.
    Motor, motor shaft and hardware in stainless steel.
    Triple interposed ring seal with oil pre-chamber.
    Integrated float for automatic operation, inserted in special housing accessible for seasonal cleaning when required.
    Continuous duty asynchronous submersible motor.
    Stator inserted in a stainless steel enclosure and covered with a cap to enclose wiring and capacitor.
    IP68 Protection rating
    Insulation class
    Supply voltage: single-phase 230V 50Hz
    Supplied with 10 metres of cable and schuko socket, 10 metres of cord to
    facilitate positioning above covers.
    A multi-hose fitting with clapet valve to simplify installation further.

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