Enduramaxx Baffle Ball

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    • The approved ‘Ball Baffle System’ improves tankers stability in rough terrain. Ball Baffles are supplied in two halves and require clipping together and inserting through lid into tank. Features: • Reduces fluid movement for improved load stability during transit • Suitable for use with all tanks – poly, steel, fibreglass, aluminium, etc • Food grade quality material – suitable for potable water • Enduramaxx Baffle Ball can be used with water, diesel and other liquids Features: • Simple to install – clip together and place inside tank • No rust, lightweight and durable • Low liquid displacement • Large Enduramaxx Baffle Ball displaces 428ml and weighs only 386g • Small Enduramaxx Baffle Ball displaces 150ml and weighs only 120g • Recommended use quantity: 355mm is 1 ball baffle per 40-50L of tank capacity 195mm is 1 ball baffle per 7-10L of tank capacity

    • Code Capacity
      177005 Small Baffle Ball 195
      177010 Large Baffle Ball 355

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