DAB DIG 1100-1500-1800-2200 Heavy Drainage Pumps

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  • Description
    Submersible electric pumps particularly suitable for the
    removal of drainage water in construction sites, open
    mines or quarries. Thanks to their rugged construction
    and reliability, these pumps can be used with harsh
    and abrasive liquids containing solids with maximum
    dimensions of up to 6 mm.
    Open impeller in CRA2 650 HB high-chromium
    cast iron, outer sleeve in AISI 304 stainless steel,
    double mechanical seal in silicon carbide/silicon
    carbide on pump side and carbon/alumina on
    motor side. Suction screen in AISI 304 stainless
    steel. Dry-type asynchronous sealed motor, cooled
    by the pumped liquid. Rotor mounted on oversized
    greased sealed-for-life double ball bearings to ensure
    silent running and long life. Integral capacitor in singlephase
    versions. Thermal and overcurrent protection are
    the responsibility of the user.Constructed in compliance
    with CEI 2-3CEI 61-69 (EN 60335-2-41).

  • Features
    Motor protection level: IP 68.
    Insulation class: F.
    Continuous duty, with completely immersed pump.
    Facility for operation also with partially immersed pump.
    The single-phase version can be equipped with float
    switch for automatic starting and stopping of the pump.
    Supplied as standard with 10 mt H07RN-F power cable.
    Can be supplied on request with special tear-proof
    cable featuring internal reinforcement with steel core.
    Operating range: from 6 to 54 m3/h with head up to
    20 mt.
    Liquid quality requirements: Liquid temperature
    range: from 0° to 35°.
    Maximum immersion depth: 10 mt.
    Installation: fixed or portable in vertical position.
    Free passage through the suction grid: 6 mm.

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