Daro Ultra Violet Drinking Water Disinfection 3 Series ECO Systems


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  • The 3 Series ECO UV system is designed specifically with the environment in mind. Longevity: The 3 series ECO system is designed primarily for longevity. The system is manufactured to be very robust as it is manufactured from stainless steel throughout. This should last upwards of 20 years with only minor components possibly having to be replaced. Even when the system has come to the end of its useful life, all components can be easily recycled. This gives the DaRo UV systems 3 series ECO a very low overall carbon footprint. 5 year warranty: We believe that no other manufacturer confidently backs their UV Systems with such a pioneering manufacturerƒ??s warranty. With impressive build quality and assured design you can be guaranteed complete piece-of-mind** UK manufactured: The DaRo UV systems 3 series ECO is manufactured throughout at a single facility in the UK, unlike many other systems that are shipped in from the Far East, thus lowering the carbon footprint for the 3 series ECO system even further. Low running cost: As well as the low carbon footprint of the system itself, the 3 Series ECO is also designed to be very energy efficient. Typically the system will only cost around 14p per day to run*. We would consider this a very small amount to ensure your drinking water, and in turn, you are healthy. The low running cost, low cost of spares and consumables along with the very small carbon footprint, all in all makes the DaRo UV Systems 3 series ECO system a very robust, economical and environmentally friendly system. *based on a 30w system working on a tariff rate of ¶œ0.15/Kwh. **Please contact us for full warranty terms and conditions IMPORTANT ƒ?? All of our units comply with international minimum dose standards Standard Features ƒ?½ 5 year warranty** ƒ?½ UK manufactured ƒ?½ Low carbon footprint ƒ?½ Robust design ƒ?½ Low running cost ƒ?½ Long life / High Reliability UV Lamp ƒ?½ Maximum 10 bar working Pressure ƒ?½ Simple to Install and Service ƒ?½ Polished Chamber ƒ?½ Commonplace UV Lamps WRAS Approved. *Flow rates based on UV transmission @ 98% per cm¶ý. UV Dose of 30mJ/cm¶ý achieved.

    • The following table gives performance details on the domestic range. To choose the correct unit, simply match the application against the unit. If in doubt, please contact get in contact.
      ECO 1 ECO 2 ECO 3 ECO 5
      Chamber Construction Stainless Steel
      Typical Application
      Up to 2 taps
      (small dwelling)
      Whole house
      (family home)
      Multiple user
      (guest house)
      Multiple user
      (small hotel)
      Domestic Flow Rate 8 litres per minute 19 litres per minute 36 litres per minute 51 litres per minute
      Pressure Ratings 15 BAR
      Lamp Life All units rated to approximately 8000 hours continuous use (Approx 1 year)
      Connections 3/4 inch bsp male thread 1 inch bsp male thread
      Dimensions mm
      (Includes Backboards)
      500 x 280 x 120 1000 x 280 x 120 1200 x 280 x 120
      Power Consumption 28 watts 38 watts 75 watts 95 watts
      Power Supply 240 volt 50Hz single phase
      If you have any further questions or concerns about UV disinfection or drinking water quality, please donƒ??t hesitate to contact us.

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