DAB CME CM-GE DCME Inline Constant Pressure Pumps Single with Oval Flanges

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  • Description
    Circulation pumps with in-line ports, suitable for
    installation in heating and air conditioning, refrigeration,
    and domestic hot water systems.
    Extremely versatile thanks to the use of the MCE/C
    inverter, they offer performance capable of adapting
    automatically to the system’s various demands while
    keeping pressure differentials unchanged. Available in
    single and twin version.
    PN 16 flanged inlet and delivery mouths, fitted with
    threaded holes for pressure gauges.
    Pump body and support in cast iron, impeller in cast
    iron or technopolymer depending on model (in bronze,
    on request, only from DN 65 to DN 150).
    Stainless steel drive shaft.
    Sealing device: standardised mechanical seal made
    to DIN 24960 in carbon / carborundum with O’ rings
    in EPDM. 4-pole three-phase indication motor with
    external cooling. Rotor running on ball bearings,
    oversized to ensure low noise and durability.
    Constructed following the CEI 2-3 standards.

  • Features
    Operating range: from 1.2 to 360 m3/h with head up
    to 34 meters.
    Liquid temperature range:
    -10 °C Õ +130 °C for DN 40 - 50 and all DCME
    -10 °C Õ +140 °C for DN 65 - 150
    Liquid quality requirements: clean, free from solids
    or abrasive substances, non viscous, non aggressive,
    non crystallised and chemically neutral and close to the
    characteristics of water.
    Installation: fixed, horizontal or vertical provided the
    motor is always above the pump.
    Maximum ambient temperature: +40°C.
    Maximum working pressure: 16 bar.
    Protection rating: IP 55.
    Insulation Class: F.
    Flanging: PN 16.
    Counter-flanges on request: DN 40 - DN 50 - DN 65
    - DN 80 - DN 100 - DN 125 - DN 150; PN 16.

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