Arad Woltman Water Meters Woltman Turbo - WSTsb


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  • The Woltman Silver Turbo- WSTsb implements advanced methods and technologies in order to present a top of the line product. Also available with Bayonet configuration. Applications Water supply networks, agricultural applications and industrial use Available Sizes 2"- 12" (50mm- 300mm) Standards • MID 2004/22/EC (based on OIML R49EN 14154 and ISO 4064:2005) • EEC (based on ISO 4064:1993) • WRAS • AWQC

    • The Woltman Silver Turbo (WSTsb) offers the following: • The WSTsb has wide measuring rate that enables to serve in broaden applications and in extreme situations (low flows an high flows) • No sensitivity to working conditions like vibrations • No sensitivity to humidity conditions (even if dry chamber is full of water) • Resistance - Bearings and materials used in the WSTsb have been proved to ensure long life expectancy • Compatibility - The WSTsb is also available with EV, EF, ER, Dialog 3G, OE, etc. Technical Specifications Maximum Working Pressure 16 bar,upon request 25 bar Maximum Working Temperature 60°C Body Material Cast iron, polyester coated,optional bronze (AWWA std.) Connections Flanges according to ISO, BS 10, ANSI 150 or others
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