Arad Volumetric Positive displacement PD Gladiator


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  • The Gladiator is Arad's new positive displacement water meter, rotating piston type. The flowing water causes the piston to rotate within its chamber, each piston revolution being equivalent to a known volume of water. The piston movement is transferred by a magnetic coupling to the register which has the appropriate reduction gearing. The Gladiator UK is tailor made for the UK market and its unique application. Applications Domestic consumption Available Sizes 15mm Standards • MID 2004/22/EC (based on OIML R49EN 14154 and ISO 4064:2005) • WRAS

    • Features of The Gladiator UK meter: • Specially designed for high accuracy and wide measuring range. • Register options: o Dialog 3G register o Optical register o Special Dialog 3G register with option for optical pulse output Maximum Working Pressure 16 bar Maximum Working Temperature 50°C Body Material Highly reinforced composite material Coupling Threads (for inline) BSP, NPSM Inlet/ Outlet Threads 3/4" (For pipe line 1/2") 1" (For pipe line 3/4") Register IP68 R (Q3/Q1) 315* * other ratios are available under specific request
  • Gladiator UK Brochure
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