DAB 2 KVC Sets with 2 Vertical Multistage Centrifugal Pumps

£2,190.44MRRP:  £3,370.00

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  • Description
    Water lifting sets specifically suitable for domestic
    applications and small systems for civil, agricultural or
    industrial uses.
    The use of multistage vertical axis centrifugal pumps is
    a guarantee of high performance and efficiency levels.
    These pumps are characterised by their compact
    dimensions, rugged construction, extreme reliability and
    very low noise operation.

  • Features
    Control panel made of impact-resistant self-extinguishing
    plastic with IP55 protection rating.The panel protects
    the electric pumps and operates them in sequence,
    maintaining the plant at a factoryset average pressure
    The average pressure value can be adjusted by means of
    a trimmer located inside the panel.
    At each operating cycle the pumps starting sequence
    is inverted. The pressure value is read by the pressure
    transmitter located on the outlet manifold

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