ABS Pressure Fittings Plain Blank Flange - BS10 Tables D & E

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  • ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) is an extremely robust thermoplastic pipework system used by many industries in systems for food and beverage production, sewerage and water treatment etc. ABS is extremely resistant to impact with good resistance to chemicals, is non-toxic. Conforming to the toxicological requirements of the British Plastic Federation, British Industrial Biological Research Association Code of Practice for Food Usage 45/5, and EEC requirements for plastic materials in contact with foodstuffs. These systems are light, strong and simple to fit using a solvent cement. ABS Products are clearly identified by their light grey colour. Epco supply a variety of ABS fittings including ABS socket, ABS 90 degree elbow, ABS 45 degree elbow, ABS 90 degree short radius (S/R) bend, ABS Tee, ABS 45 degree tee/Y piece, ABS cap, ABS union, ABS cross, ABS reducing bush, ABS reducing socket, ABS stub flange, ABS full face flange and ABS blank flange. WRAS Approval ABS is approved by the Water Research Advisory Scheme for use with potable water. Standards ABS pipe is manufactured in accordance with BS5391 Part 1 ABS fittings are manufactured in accordance with BS5392 Part 1 Chemical Resistance ABS has good resistance to a wide range of diluted inorganic acids, organic acids, salts, animal fats and oils. ABS is not resistant to organic solvents, alcohol, petrol, acetic acid or vegetable oils. For information on specific chemical resistance for ABS please contact our Sales department. ABS System Pressure/Temperature Relationship Pressure ratings for plastic pipework systems are always quoted at 20°C, it is a fundamental principle of such systems that if the temperature is increased then the pressure rating must be reduced. ABS systems should never be used for temperatures in excess of 70°C. The following Table gives a rough guide as to the temperature/pressure relationship of ABS pipework systems.

    -40 degrees 20 degrees 30 degrees 40 degrees 50 degrees 60 degrees 70 degrees
    Class B 6.0 BAR 6.0 BAR 5.2 BAR 4.5 BAR 3.6 BAR 2.8 BAR 2.0 BAR
    Class C 9.0 BAR 9.0 BAR 7.8 BAR 6.5 BAR 5.5 BAR 4.2 BAR 2.8 BAR
    Class D 12.0 BAR 12.0 BAR 10.5 BAR 8.9 BAR 7.2 BAR 5.5 BAR 3.6 BAR
    Class E 15.0 BAR 15.0 BAR 13.0 BAR 11.0 BAR 9.0 BAR 7.0 BAR 4.8 BAR
    • For full specification please click on the ‘ABS Pressure Fittings Brochure’.

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